Consulting and Trouble Shooting

As a West Coast PTTC (Petroleum Technology Transfer Council) Trouble Shooter, we are available to do consulting, In-house Teaching and Help with Preparation of DOE Cost Sharing PON's.

Available Technical Services

Temperature Distribution in a Well and Surrounding Soil During Injection, Production and Circulation
Well Test Analysis by SPE Software
Literature Search by SPE Image Library CD-ROM
Reservoir Simulation by DOE BOSS Program
Preparation of DOE PON Projects


Reservoir Characterization Work To Be Done By Associates

Waterflood Tracer-Study Design and Implementation
Hole to Hole Tomography
Pulse Tests
Interference Tests
Low Cost Buildup by Echometer
Low Cost two Rate Falloff Tests
Injection Profiles
Fluid Entry Surveys
Core Analysis
Geologic Study
Clay Analysis
Oscillatory Horizontal Wells for Low Cost Infills
Optimization of Infill Wells
Nodal Analysis or

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