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A Two-Day Refresher Short Course In Petroleum Engineering
Well & Formation Damage – Inexpensive Diagnosis & Removal

Dr. A. M. Sam Sarem, President IPR Consultants, PTTC Trouble Shooter,

Course Description
The causes of impaired productivity in oil and gas wells will be discussed. And inexpensive diagnosis of three fundamental causes of low productivity with field examples will be reviewed. Then specific modern techniques for the removal of each class of production impediment will be presented. The discussions will be geared to passage of Principles and Practices PE Exam. Included in the presentation will be pressure transient testing, log inject log, tracer tests, pulse tests, four point test, 3c seismic, geologic study, nodal analysis, acidizing. Fracturing, profile control by various techniques including MCCF process and cost-effectively optimized flood water filtration based on well half-life principle.

Locations and dates
Long Beach, CA 4-5 September
Anchorage 15-16 September
Calgary 25-26 September
Denver 3-4 October
Kuala Lumpur 22-23 October
Bakersfield 20-21 October
Houston 6-7 November

About the Instructor
For the past 10 years, Dr. Sam Sarem has been the president of IPR Consultants in Yorba Linda, CA and a Trouble Shooter for the West Coast PTTC giving short courses and being the moderator of the PTTC Reservoir Characterization workshop. Among other activities, he gave a graduate course on Well Stimulation for Damage removal in Bakersfield for USC. Before, Dr. Sarem worked for Unocal and Sinclair Research Centers in various research and management positions in different areas including Fluid Flow, Phase Behavior, Well Stimulation, EOR, Reservoir Engineering, Pressure Transient Analysis and Reservoir Characterization. He has been very active with SPE being the past Chair of the LA Basin Section and recently serving as Gen. Co-Chair for the Joint SPE North American Western Region Meeting with Pacific Section of AAPG in May 2003 in Long Beach, CA. He is an SPE Distinguished Member, and has been an SPE Distinguished author and SPE Distinguished Lecturer. He has also received the coveted Distinguished Toastmasters, DTM, rank from Toastmasters International Public Speaking Organization, which is bestowed upon less than 0.5% of their membership. He has BS and MS in Petroleum Engineering from Tulsa University and PhD in Engineering Science from OU and is a registered professional engineer. He has many publications and patents and has taught many SPE and University courses listed in

For SPE Members: $600 per person , $1100 per two or $1500 per three includes box lunches, refreshments and notes.
Add $50 for SPE non-Members which is refundable upon joining SPE during the meeting.
After- expense proceeds will be donated to SPE Foundation:,1565,1648_2392_510374,00.html


To reserve your seat, email your desire and send your application and check made out to Dr. A. M. Sam Sarem before 1 August 2003 to:
IPR Consultants, 22605 E. La Palma Ave., Suite 520, Yorba Linda, CA 92887

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Who Should Take This Two-Day Short Course?
Current or aspiring Reservoir or Production engineers, Geologist, or Geophysicists in charge of a field’s oil and gas production who would like to dramatically increaser their production by application of modern and cost effective methods presented by this 2-day review of the fundamentals supported by actual field results. And those who want to polish their skills to pass the Principles and Practices PE Exam in the near future.
For More Information Please Call Sam Sarem at 714.692.1198, or Email to:


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Courses Previously Taught by Dr. A. M. SAM SAREM

Graduate Course PTE 555,Well Completions, Stimulation and Damage Control
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(twenty five times) UNOCAL-In-House
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Norwegian Petroleum Society,Stanvanger, Norway
Society of Petroleum Engineers, Stavanger, Norway

Total Courses Taught: About 48 Semester-Course

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Yorba Linda, California 92687