Dr. Sam Sarem, DTM

Dr. A.M. Sam Sarem is the president of the Improved Petroleum Recovery Consultants. As a seasoned scientist, lecturer, author, engineer, consultant, and manager in the Petroleum industry, and after-dinner speaker, he can benefit you and your company by his over 40 years of major oil company & university experience in administration, expense performance control, research, field work, technical service and teaching. His technical experience has resulted in over 30 patents, over 20 Technical Publications and 28 semester-courses of teaching. His areas of technical expertise over the years have included: Public Speaking and Toast Mastering, Reservoir Characterization, Natural Gas Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Transient Well Testing, Enhanced Oil Recovery (Miscible, Caustic, Steam), Injection Water Clarification, Infill Drilling Well Placement, Reservoir Modeling, Coal Bed Methane Reservoir Engineering, Phase Behavior of Complex Hydrocarbon Mixtures Near the Critical Point and Sea Water Barrier Improvement.

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