MCCF-An Expired Major Oil Co. Patented Technique For Profitable Incremental Oil Recovery in Marginal Waterfloods by Injection Profile and Mobility Control

An Incremental Oil Recovery technique that was patented and profitably field tested when the oil price was just $2 per barrel, is now available to public as the original major oil company patents have expired. With today’s oil price, it can be even more profitable.

At PTTC’s request, a one hour presentation of the lab and field applications of the process was reviewed by the inventor of the process with an eye on how the Independents can benefit from the demonstration of this process in their field with the help of DOE.

The lab part of the presentation clearly shows how and how much the injection profile and the mobility ratio can be improved by the process using parallel flow core models and time-lapse photography of a visual multilayered model.

The field applications review will list the fields in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Siberia where the process have been applied. The results clearly show the profile improvement as detected by multiple injection profiles and tracer studies. Furthermore, the incremental oil recovery vs. incurred expenses shows the profitability of the process.

In one of the field applications in Texas, where extensive reservoir characterization was applied, after one month application of the process, a two humped tracer breakthrough clearly showed the injection profile change because the same tracer test had produced a one hump tracer production curve before the application of the process at identical conditions. And the injection profile before and after the process application had indicated the big increase in the injection interval.

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