PUBLICATIONS by Dr. A. M. Sam Sarem

Technical Articles:

"Application Of Molecular (Molar) Refraction in Thermodynamic Property Calculation" Presented at the AIChE Annual Meeting, November 16-21, 1997, Los Angeles, California

"New Analytic Techniques for Petroleum Fluid Characterization Using Molar Refraction", SPE 38312 presented at SPE Western Regional Meeting JUNE 23-27, 1997, Long Beach, California

"Well Testing" , a chapter in Science and Engineering Encyclopedia, 1995

"Low Cost Improvement of High WOR-Waterfloods by MCCF-A Historical Review", UNITAR Symposium Proceedings, February 12-17, 1995, Houston, Texas

"Emerging Techniques in Reservoir Characterization to Optimize The Incremental Reserves in Existing Reservoirs,", Proceedings, 1st International Non-Renewable Energy Sources Congress, Teheran, Iran, 22- 26 December 1993

"Waterflooding", A chapter in AAPG Reference Manual, 1993

Screening Waterfloods for Infill Drilling Opportunities, SPE 22333, Presented at SPE/China Meeting 1992

Reservoir Management Panel Discussion Summary, SPE 20781 Presented at 1990 SPE National Fall Meeting at New Orleans

"Infill Drilling for Incremental Recovery," Journal of Petroleum Technology, Distinguished Author Series, March, 1989, p.229.

"Secondary and Tertiary Recovery of Oil by MCCF Process," SPE 4901 Presented at California Regional Meeting of SPE/AIME in San Francisco, April 4, 1974.

"Drag Reduction Does Not Always Increase with Increased Flow Velocity", Journal of Petroleum Technology, p.673, June 1973.

"On the Theory of Polymer Solution Flooding," SPE 3002 Presented at 45th Annual Fall Meeting of SPE/AIME, Houston, Texas, October 4-7, 1970.

"Futurizing Continuing Education Program for SPE Members," Paper Presented at the National Fall SPE Meeting, Houston, Texas, September 30, 1968.

"Three-Phase Realtive Permeability Measurement by Unsteady State Method," Society of Petroleum Engineering Journal, September, 1966, P. 199.

"Discussion of Mobility Control with Polymer Solutions," Society of Petroleum Engineering Journal, June 1967, p.170. Co-authored with B. B. Sandiford, Earl Amott, and R. K. Knight.

"Discussion on Rheological Properties of Pseudo Plastic Fluids in Pourous Media," Society of Petroleum Engineering Journal, June 1967, p.159.

"Flooding Oil Containing Formations with Solutions of Polymer in Water," Seventh World Petroleum Congress, April 1967, Mexico City. Co-authored with J. E. Sherborne and B. B. Sandiford.

"Application of Polyelectrolytes in Oil Well Flooding," Paper Presented at the California Institute of Technology. May 23-25, 1966.

"Prediction of the Density of Two Phase Hydrocarbon Systems Particularly Near the Critical Region," Society of Petroleum Engineering Journal, March, 1965, P. 78. Co-authored with J.M. Campbell. (Based on my PhD Dissertation)

"Investigation of the Densities of Co-Existing Liquid and Vapor for Light Hydrocarbons and Their Mixtures," Dissertation Abstract, 1964.

"Drag Reduction in Oil and Water Pipelines -- A Current Appraisal", Paper Presented at the California Institute of Technology. May 23 - 25, 1966.

"A Theoretical Comparison of Heat Transfer into Porous Media by the Injection of Steam or Hot Water," Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, April-June 1966, p.1. Co-authored with R. G. Hawthorne.

"Quick Estimate of Oil Recovery from Gas Condensate Reservoirs," Oil and Gas Journal, September 1966. p.199.

"Z Factor Equation Developed for Use in Digital Computer," Oil and Gas Journal, September 18, 1961, p.118.

"Significance of Relative Permeability Data by Unsteady State Method," Fluid Flow Conference, Oklahoma University 1959.

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